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British Christmas Tree Growers Association


Norway Spruce Christmas Tree (Picea Abies)  
  • The traditional Christmas tree found in many of our homes during December.
  • Beautiful and bushy tree.
Norway Spruce Christmas TreeNorway Spruce Christmas Tree Needles
Nordman Fir Christmas Tree (Abies Nordmanniana)  
  • Dark green glossy tree with silvery underside.
  • Excellent needle retention.
Nordman Fir Christmas TreeNordman Fir Christmas Tree Needles
Fraser Fir Christmas Tree (Abies Fraser)  
  • Neat feathery dark green tree.
  • Excellent needle retention.
Fraser Fir Christmas TreeFraser Fir Christmas Tree Needles
Noble Fir Christmas Tree (Abies Procera)  
  • Luxurious blue, green foliage.
  • Wonderful fragrance.
Noble Fir Christmas TreeNoble Fir Christmas Tree Needles
Serbian Spruce Christmas Tree (Picea Omorika)  
  • Slender blue/green tree, with delicate foliage.
  • Ideal for the small location.
Serbian Spruce Christmas TreeSerbian Spruce Christmas Tree Needles
Blue Spruce Christmas Tree (Picea Pungens Giauca)  
  • This attractive tree has a strong silvery blue tinge to its foliage.
  • Desirable Christmas tree.
  • Quite spikey (ideal for keeping the cats off).
Blue Spruce Christmas TreeBlue Spruce Christmas Tree Needles
Scots Pine Christmas Tree (Pinus Sylvestris)  
  • Very bushy tree.
  • Extra long blue green needles.
  • Good needle retention.
Scots Pine Christmas TreeScots Pine Christmas Tree Needles
Listed below are some very unusual varieties for something different:
Concolor Fir (White Fir)  
  • Extra long and soft silvery blue needles.
Concolor FirConcolor Fir Needles
Lasiocapa Fir  
  • Soft pale grey foliage.
Lasiocapa FirLasiocapa Fir Needles
Dinmore Hill Christmas Trees Dinmore Hill Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Tree Stands
Open 7 days a week
10 am to 6pm (9am weekends)
Plantation next to A49
(NOT Country Gardens)
Huge selection of freshly cut trees
Largest selection in
6 varieties of Christmas tree
Up to 30ft
Festive Farm Christmas Trees Festive Farm Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Tree Stands
Open every weekend
10am until dark
On site parking
1000's of growing Christmas trees
Wander through the plantation
Choose & cut a growing tree
Reserve a Christmas tree
Come and visit Santa in his magical winter wonderland
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