Which variety?

Make sure your Christmas tree is freshly cut  so buy from your local Herefordshire grower

Planning to get your Christmas tree early then go for one of the Firs which give excellent needle retention, the Nordmann Fir is now our most popular Christmas tree.

Always short on time then remember you can always “reserve a Christmas tree” in the field at Festive Farm Weekends in late November and pick it up nearer Christmas

Short on space why not try a Fraser Fir which is a very slender tree, or why not a Pot-grown Christmas tree.

Curious pets then maybe a Blue Spruce is for you, very prickly so your playful pet will soon learn! (Limited availability)

A very warm room then go for a Fir which will cope with it best and remember to keep your Christmas tree as far as you can from a heat source

Want to try something different?  then maybe the Rocky Mountain Fir (Limited availability)

Love the scent of a real Christmas tree a Noble Fir (Limited availability), Fraser Fir or the traditional Norway Spruce have a wonderful aroma

What ever you choose, make sure you look after your Christmas tree like a “cut flower” – see our Tree care page for details

And enjoy your real Christmas tree …..!


Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

(Picea Abies)

The traditional Christmas tree found in many of our homes during December.
Beautiful, bushy tree with lovely scent.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree

(Abies Nordmanniana)

The most popular Christmas tree for it’s excellent needle retention.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

(Abies Fraser)

Slender shape ideal for the modern home.  Excellent needle retention.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree

(Abies Procera)

Luxurious blue/green foliage.
Wonderful fragrance. Excellent needle retention


Serbian Spruce Christmas Tree

(Picea Omorika)

Slender blue/green tree, with delicate foliage.


Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

(Picea Pungens Giauca)

An attractive tree with a strong silvery blue tingeto its foliage.
Quite spikey (ideal for keeping the cats off).


Scots Pine Christmas Tree

(Pinus Sylvestris)

Very bushy tree.
Extra long blue green needles.
Good needle retention.


Concolor Fir

(White Fir)

Very blue long and soft foliage.