Tree varieties

Top tips on choosing the right tree for your home or business

How do you know which is the right tree for you? Here are some tips that may help…

  • Make sure your Christmas tree is as fresh as it can be, so buy from a local grower
  • If you’re planning to put up your tree early in December then one of the Firs give excellent needle retention, the Nordmann Fir is now our most popular Christmas tree
  • Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas tree in the UK
  • If your pets are tempted to play with the Christmas tree, then try a Blue Spruce, very prickly so your playful pet will soon learn
  • If space is your issue then a Fraser Fir is a very slender tree
  • Very warm room, then go for a Fir which will cope with it best
  • Scots Pine and Noble Fir have a wonderful scent
  • Why not try something different, the Concolor Fir and different Firs and Spruce not shown below like Rocky Mountain Fir and Meyer Spruce
  • What ever you choose, make sure you look after your Christmas tree like a “cut flower” – see our Tree care page for details
  • And enjoy your real Christmas tree …..!

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

(Picea Abies)

The traditional Christmas tree found in many of our homes during December.
Beautiful, bushy tree.


Nordman Fir Christmas Tree

(Abies Nordmanniana)

Dark green glossy tree with silvery underside.
Excellent needle retention.


Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

(Abies Fraser)

Neat feathery dark green tree.
Excellent needleretention.


Noble Fir Christmas Tree

(Abies Procera)

Luxurious blue, green foliage.
Wonderful fragrance.


Serbian Spruce Christmas Tree

(Picea Omorika)

Slender blue/green tree, with delicate foliage.
Ideal for the smalllocation.


Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

(Picea Pungens Giauca)

An attractive tree with a strong silvery blue tingeto its foliage.
Quite spikey (ideal for keeping the cats off).


Scots Pine Christmas Tree

(Pinus Sylvestris)

Very bushy tree.
Extra long blue greenneedles.
Good needle retention.


Concolor Fir

(White Fir)

Extra long and soft silvery blue needles.